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10mm  is manufactured by Leather Cord USA and made of top grain cow leather and is completely dyed on all surfaces and is 10mm wide and 1.5mm thick.

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This strap is suitable for jewelry, trim, purse handles and a wide variety of other uses. Lower ammo costs mean that the round is now a viable option for home defense, bears, White Tail hunting and self defense when you want a bit more kick than a 9mm, or 45 ACP.

It’s a big round, which comes with packaging problems, so 10mm concealed carry guns are still thin on the ground. But they’re getting here and we have a few for you.

With a full-size pistol, though, the gloves are off, you can do what you want. That means there are some absolutely stunning options right now, especially the 6 inch barrel specialist hunters.

A good 10mm pistol will give you more punch than a .357 Magnum round, which puts this cartridge up there with the best of them. More on that later.

You’ll want to stipple the G20 Gen 4, or fit grip tape. You might want to switch out the trigger and the fixed dot sights could do with an upgrade. But the truth is that Glock and this caliber basically have the same values. That shows..

That might explain why some of the usual suspects that make the best 9mm handguns in the world and have largely gone past Glock have left this niche alone.

When you need it most, for home defense, bears, lions, sharks or something even more serious, the Glock will go bang. Reliability and accuracy are the two things you really need. The Glock gives you those in spades, as well as providing a large capacity handgun that works instinctively.

We are not Glock fanboys here, not at all, but we have to admit it the G20 Gen 4 smashes it out the park here. And if it didn’t win, another Glock would have.

For years, Glock has reigned supreme on value, reliability, practicality, just about everything that matters in a defensive pistol. With more power, that matters.



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