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A non-functional replica of the world-famous revolver model Python cal. 357 Magnum. It was manufacture by the American company COLT in Hartford from 1955 to 2005. In the USA, it was use to a small extent in both the military and the police. It was popular mainly due to its great accuracy and gentle trigger. It was produce with 2.5“, 3“, 4“, 6“ and 8“ long barrels. In this case, it is a version with a 2.5“ barrel. The replica has a movable cylinder and a trigger mechanism.

The Korth NXS revolver builds upon the popularity of its .357 Magnum predecessor, the Korth Ranger. This new .357 Magnum brings an 8-shot cylinder to the table for the first time. The cylinder of the NXS includes a cut to accommodate Moonclips for unmatch reloading speeds. The NXS is available with a 4” or 6” hammer-forge precision barrel with Picatinny rails on top and bottom for mounting optics or a light. The NXS features a ventilate barrel housing for faster cooling. A DLC finish makes the NXS as durable as is it beautiful. The fully adjustable rear sight comes standard while the front sight features removable side panels to offer shooters the ability to customize their sights for any situation. The NXS offers a changeable cylinder to a 9mm Luger which also features a Moonclip cut.


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