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Buy Glock 30S 45 ACP



Buy Glock 30S 45 ACP Online for sale

Buy Glock 30S 45 ACP the G30S combines the full capacity .45 Auto round count with a slimmer slide. Glock 30s for sale offers a lighter, more easily concealable option for Law Enforcement and legal concealed-carry enthusiasts.  Glock 30 gen 4

The slide cycles on 4 hardened steel guide rails within the frame. A white-dot front sight and a white-bracket rear sight provide rapid acquisition in dim lighting situations. All GLOCK pistols fieldstrip easily without the use of tools. The GLOCK 30 SF Semi-Auto Pistol is a reliable, easy to maintain firearm that’s perfect for everyday carry, or a backup for security personnel.

Glock’s most powerful—and compact—handgun is a mix of old and new technology. The Glock 30 subcompact handgun merges the .45 ACP round, a product of the Industrial Revolution, with modern handgun technology.

The U.S. Army’s experience with the .38 Long Colt round during the Philippine Insurrection left it wanting a more powerful round able to neutralize with fewer shots. Combat against Filipino insurgents, at times hand to hand, divided combatants into two categories: the quick and the dead.

In response, John Browning developed the larger, heavier .45 ACP round. The .38 Long Colt round typically transferred 180 foot-pounds of energy on target. The .45 ACP round, on the other hand, easily transferred twice as much energy.

The ecosystem grew to include everything from long slide 9-millimeter pistols to subcompact 10-millimeter handguns.

TheGlock 30 is one of the smallest pistols chambered in .45 ACP round.Height is 4.8 inches. The Glock 30 has a barrel length of 3.78 inches, as opposed to the full-sized Glock’s 4.61 inches. The pistol 30 weighs 23.81 ounces unloaded and 33.69 ounces fully loaded.


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