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Glock 17 Gens



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Glock 17 Gens aims to maximize durability and target acquisition through its illuminated design, which is set up to immediately draw your eye to the front post. Unlike some of the other night sight sets out there, the HD XR is heavy-duty and able to withstand repetitive drawing without wearing down.

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Also, sturdy aluminum cylinders built into the sight help protect the tritium-phosphor lamps from any damage that could happen while operating your gun. Another great feature about the HD XR which sets it apart from some of Trijicon’s other iron sights is the narrow front post, which is .022 inches thinner than other sights.

While this doesn’t seem like a major change, it does help with making target acquisition faster by improving the shooter’s field of view. In terms of functionality, the HD XR does everything that iron sights are supposed to do and then some. Zeroing in on your target is as simple as lighting up the front dot between the two rear dots, which is made easier thanks to the brightly colored lamps built into the sight. This attention-grabbing design makes it less likely for you to overlook the sights in a high-stress situation where your adrenaline’s pumping and you don’t have time to think before you react.

It’s a rumor there may be Glock Gen 1 19s but I haven’t been able to verify that. There are a variety of Glock 19 Gen 2s on the market. There are also a ton of Glock Gen 3s and Glock Gen 4s both in the 19 configurations. The difference between the generations is normally fairly minor, especially from the outside. For example, the Glock Gen 2 didn’t have finger grooves, when they introduced the Glock Gen 3 they added finger grooves and a light rail on the front of the dust cover.


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