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Rossi Circuit Judge 45 Colt/410 Gauge Rifle

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  • Rossi Circuit Judge 45 Colt / 410 Gauge Rifle (Cosmetic Blemishes)
  • Owner’s Manual

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Rossi Circuit Judge 45 Colt/410 Gauge Rifle is versatility at its finest. Based on the legendary Taurus Judge® revolver, this Search – Wikipedia rifle has the ability to fire both 410 shotshells and 45 Long Colt ammunition without changing cylinders or barrels. Whether for home defense, hog hunting or plinking, the Circuit.

The Ruger AR-556 delivers when it comes to accuracy. The AR-556 comes standard with a 16.10-inch barrel with a 1:8 rate-of-twist. The barrel length is typical for a carbine (better for medium range than long-range). The 1:8 rate-of-twist means that the gun can stabilize a wider variety of ammunition (anything from .33 grains to .77). The AR-556 has a front post, serrated to prevent glare.

A “Rapid Deploy” rear sight can be flipped up with a button on the side. The front post can be adjusted for elevation changes with a sight tool, while the rear sight can be adjusted for windage. When taken to the range, the AR-556 excelled from zero-to-one-hundred yards (typical for a carbine sized rifle). At one hundred yards, the AR-556 shot an average of 1.51-inch five-shot groups. In a self-defense situation, accuracy is critical. The AR-556 provides just that. And if you want to boost accuracy, I recommend using an optic.

When looking at a budget rifle, reliability is one of the most crucial factors to consider. (For another budget AR-15, consider the JR Carbine Gen 3). The AR-556 uses a direct impingement gas system. Direct impingement systems generally cost less, are lighter weight, and have a softer recoil. However, if you don’t clean your weapon, it can degrade more quickly than alternate systems. The AR-556’s barrel doesn’t have interior chrome lining. Chrome lining can prevent wear-and-tear. Unless you’re going to take your AR-556 to the range every weekend, you’re unlikely to shoot enough rounds through it to degrade the barrel. The AR-556 also comes equipped with M4 feed ramps. M4 feed ramps are a reliable way to feed bullets into the chamber without jamming. During testing, I encountered no issues with misfeeds or jams. While not the sturdiest gun on the market, the AR-556 is reliable for its price point.

  • Model: SCJ4510
  • Caliber: 45 Colt / 410 Gauge
  • Barrel Length: 18.5″
  • Action: DA/SA
  • Finish: Polished Black
  • Capacity: 5 Shot
  • Stock: Monte Carlo Stock


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